What is this all about?

Who am I? Well, just a normal 20-something who tends to be overly attached to anything tech-related. Phone, laptop, tv… Up until recently, I never felt the need to unplug. I guess I grew up because the idea of wasting a whole day doing nonsense on my laptop or phone and watch stupid TV programs isn’t as appealing anymore.

I won’t say disconnecting is easy, but it is definitely necessary. To some extent, it feels like I almost forgot how to be a person outside of technologies. It is time for me to reconnect with the real world. Spending quality time with people, have real hobbies, do something. And this is exactly what I have been doing.

I have no talent whatsoever for cooking, sewing, or anything manual, but I am learning! If you get discouraged by the difficulties of learning new skills, stay around, you will definitely see that you are not the only one struggling, but it is worth the efforts.

On the menu in this blog: tutorials (from a newbie to other newbies, if you are a pro, please don’t judge me! Although I totally appreciate any help), recipes, book reviews, and ideas to disconnect for a couple of hours!

Thank you for passing by 🙂